22 Jan

KFC to be Opened at Family Mall Erbil


International franchises are starting to open in Kurdistan rapidly, after the opening of Pizza Hut ...

05 Dec

Flavours all-day dining at Erbil Rotana


Are you ready for an all day dining experience full of great food, fun and ...

02 Aug

Coffeeshop Company

Coffee Shops

The Coffeeshop Company is an Austrian Family Enterprise and has franchised until now 291 shops ...

30 May

The Hallab Sweets is now in Erbil

Coffee Shops

The Hallab was established in 1881 in the city of Tripoli Lebanon three generations ago ...

25 Mar

Kahve Keyfi


Kahve Keyfi is an exquisite Turkish restaurant /cafe located on the roof floor of Majidi Mall. It ...

21 Mar

STARBUCKS to be opened in Erbil

Coffee Shops

Starbucks, Starbucks and Starbucks, it’s time to be opened in Erbil, isn’t that right? Now ...

23 Feb

TCHE TCHE Cafe Erbil

Coffee Shops

One of Erbil’s newest cafes and already looking set to become one of its best, ...

25 Jan

Tarin Restaurant


Located just after the checkpoint on the Massif-Salahaddin Road (leaving Erbil), the rolling lawns and ...