HIP HOP Party 20 June

10 June of 2013 by

The French rapper Pih Poh will give two concerts to Erbil and Souleymanieh on the occasion of the music festival on June 20th and 21st of this year.

He is a pure product of the Hip-Hop generation », Pih Poh is a son of the rhythm, the groove and the freestyle. His album “Pihpohcondriak”, released in2011, allows him to assert as one of the best hopes of the French Hip Hop. Stemming from 3 years of concert through France, this album impresses by the strength and the sharpness of the writing and offers a real musical color palette.

He appears on stage worldwide and his overheated “lives” impresses an international public. In 2012, he begins a tour in South America before coming to the Kurdistan to the invitation of the Institut français with a concert on June 20 in Erbil-Minaret Park at 8pm, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and of Babylon FM. Pih Poh will be in Soueymanieh- Azady Park on Friday the 21st, 7pm, with a concert organized by Kurdsat and the French-Kurdish association Dialog.


Yes Academy Iraq 20-30 June


Erbil Startup Weekend 22-24 August

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