Art Exhibition at Shanidar Gallery 16-18 April

14 April of 2014 by

Many activities are going on this year in occasion of Erbil being the Tourism Capital of Arab Countries, HAWKAR GROUP the Kurdish Art & Culture Bridge is holding a new art exhibition from Shanidar Art Expo by the artist Hero Shekhe this coming Wednesday 16 April through Friday 18 April starting from 5:00 pm and its taking place at the Neanderthals Hall in Shanidar Park, Erbil.

We as Erbil Lifestyle have promised you not to miss any event that happens in and around Erbil, so we highly recommend you to visit this kind of art exhibitions to support the Kurdish Art and spread it worldwide.

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Anfal Poster Exhibition at Shanidar Gallery 14 April


Easter Party at Galaxy Hall – Ainkawa 20 April

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