Korek Mountain Resort

13 January of 2014 by

Korek Mountain Resort  is a tourist resort first of its kind in Kurdistan and Iraq, is located on the summit of Mountain Korek near the Rawanduz city, which has a height of about 2100m above sea level, contains the residential villas for rent furnished with luxury and a believer in it all the comforts that are commensurate with the service 5 stars and compatibility of the mountainous nature of the site of the guest villas to live the experience of mountain life, especially when the snow fall during the winter, where snow sometimes up to a height of more than 3 meters.

The resort also has a restaurant decorated with exceptionally gorgeous 5-star service, and a cafeteria in addition to the many exciting games and the first of its kind in Kurdistan and Iraq, and there are also places dedicated to the game of ice skating and many more during the winter.

And those who had difficulty in movement between the mountain there are small motorcycles  four-wheel drive that make you feel the beauty and power of the mountains.
To rise to the top of the mountain above the resort there chairlifts modern and sophisticated designer compound by the best Austrian experts to make it easier for you to climb up and down from the mountain.

Korek Mountain Resort  is your destination for a unique experience on your own or with your partner or with your family on the summit of the mountain where the nature and the purity and beauty and tranquility .


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