Project Iraq Erbil 15 to 18 Oct 2017: Laying the Groundwork for a Prosperous Future


In June 2016 the KRG announced the reform plan it prepared in cooperation with the World Bank, the United Nations, local and international institutions, and the KRG Ministry of Planning: a roadmap based on the best international standards to resume the economic growth of the Kurdistan Region. The reform plan, in-line with the objectives of the KRG 2020 Vision, is creating a huge demand for construction expertise and capital especially in relation to infrastructure, tourism, and industry.

Project Iraq, the country’s largest specialized construction exhibition, connects regional and international firms to Kurdish officials, decision-makers, and project managers. In its 10th edition this year, the International Trade Exhibition for Construction Materials and Equipment and Environmental Technology held from 15 to 18 October 2017, is your unrivaled business gateway to construction opportunities in Kurdistan, Iraq, and the region.

Energy Iraq – Erbil 2017
With the aim of covering the entire spectrum of the construction industry and the upcoming Electricity sector reforms in the KRG, Project Iraq – Erbil is held concurrently with Energy Iraq – Erbil, the 7th International Trade Exhibition for Electricity, Alternative Energy, Lighting, Water Technology and HVAC. The trade show is a dedicated platform for the latest energy and water technology, products, and solutions.

"The Kurdistan Region of Iraq has strengths and opportunities to get the economy out of crisis. These include large natural resources, fertile agricultural land, a young and entrepreneurial population and a central and, so far, relatively stable location on major trade routes. It also has a government determined to implement reforms and a donor community eager to help."

—Ferid Belhaj, World Bank Director for the Middle East Department

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