TIME Photography Exhibition at Shanidar Gallery 1-3 April

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On the occasion of Erbil being the Capital of Tourism of Arab countries 2014, the Shanidar Art Expo is having a photography exhibition named ‘TIME’ by Mykolas Juodele, starts at 11:00am on Tuesday 1-3 April 2014 at the Neanderthals Hall of Shanidar Gallery inside the park.

There will be 15 color and 15 black and white photographs in this exhibition, which is his first time to exhibit and he’s glad to have it in Erbil.

We recommend you to go there and see the beautiful black and white photography, and also enjoy the Shanidar Park.

I’m really happy that people find this exhibition interesting even before it has started. The exhibition is going to take place in the Shanidar art gallery, and after that I’m hoping to find another place to extend exhibition for a few more days, because 3 days are so short period of time.
Mykolas Juodele – said to Erbil Lifestyle

Time and Date: 1-3 April 2014 at 11:00am
Venue: Neanderthals Hall of Shanidar Gallery


mykolas photo2Read more about the photographer

No planned route, no maps, no tickets booked or hotels reserved. A backpack, a photo camera and an open mind. This is how Mykolas Juodele travels. No destination and no timetable. The road is the destination for him and time is just a concept from which he wants to break free. He experiments with life, takes risks and improvises. A 25-year old Lithuanian has chosen a life on the road.

Former TV production graduate and film student has always had a passion for travel and the arts. While studying cinema in Prague film school, he discovered and soon fell in love with photography. For him it was a perfect way of expression and ideally fit in the lifestyle he wanted to lead. Already having a good understanding of visual arts and a deep interest in observing the flow of life in different places and cultures he started capturing the continuously changing world around him. Passions for traveling and photography perfectly merged together and clearly showed him the way he had to follow. Mykolas started pursuing his dream of becoming a travel photographer. Between 2011 and 2013 he extensively travelled around Europe, Africa and the Middle East working on his independent photo projects.

On his travels Mykolas focuses on adventure and unique experiences. Tries to feel the spirit of cities and experience nature without boarders, usual tourist attractions are rarely of any interest to him. He merges with the continuously changing surroundings, tries to remove all the walls between himself and the world around him. Constantly steps out of his comfort zone and believes that only outside lies the treasure that he is looking for. Mykolas is a street photographer – shoots mostly in black and white, spends a great deal of time wandering through narrow alleys and undiscovered corners of unknown towns. Concentrates on content and depth. To appreciate his photographs one has to look behind them, read between the lines and feel.

Spending half of his time on the road and another half in his hometown Vilnius in Lithuania he felt that the steady way of living was not something he wanted to do anymore. In the summer of 2013 he once again left his home. This time for a journey around the world – with no time limitations, heading east with no particular destination, hoping to finally establish himself as a well-known photographer and traveler.

mykolas photo18 months later, after traveling through 21 countries, led by a number of coincidences, through the snowy mountains of Kurdistan, he arrived to its capital. Erbil being the city of opportunities has given a great one for him too – an aspiring photographer will hold his first photo exhibition here in the Shanidar park gallery starting from the first of April. Collection named “TIME” consists of photographs taken in many different countries during his travels in the past two and a half years. Different places and people, shapes, shadows and themes are unified by something that is so difficult to grasp – the feeling of the flowing time. In his photographs Mykolas deals with the perception of time, solitude and melancholia. He captures the spirit of places and the soul of people. His photos show those magical moments in life that somehow are one little step away from reality.

After having an exhibition in Erbil, Mykolas is moving to Tehran, Iran, where he will hold another exhibition. The collection of digital photographs will be complemented by his most recent work of analog film photography. Later he is hoping to continue traveling down south to Oman, Yemen and East Africa, exploring new routes of travelling, ways of living and themes of photography.


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