Month: December 2014

31 Dec

Best Moments of Kurdish Cinema in 2014

Art & Culture

In 2014, it was a very accomplished year for the Kurdish Cinema with lots of …

30 Dec

Various Colors Speak Event at Shanidar Park 31 December

Art & Culture

The Various Colors Speak is the first event of its kind in Erbil and Kurdistan …

29 Dec

Erbil Business & Trade Center


Another milestone in Erbil? Yes, the Erbil Business & Trade Center (EBTC) located in front …

17 Dec

Flavours theme nights are back at Erbil Rotana


From all around the world, succulent tastes will delight your evenings during the week. By …

13 Dec

Kurdistan Flag Day 17 December

Art & Culture

It’s Kurdistan national flag day on Wednesday 17 December, let’s grab our flags and raise …

11 Dec

X-Mas Charity Lunch at Erbil Horse Club 19 December

Sports & Leisure

A horse club in Erbil? Yes, Erbil now has a horse club for public. Clever …

11 Dec

SHANGAL Collage Exhibition at Shanidar Gallery 14-15 December

Art & Culture

The situation in Shangal (Sinjar) made a lot of people in Kurdistan and around the world …

05 Dec

Flavours all-day dining at Erbil Rotana


Are you ready for an all day dining experience full of great food, fun and …

04 Dec

EFF EXPO 11-14 December


December is becoming the month of exhibitions and fairs in Erbil, Pyramids Group has planned …

04 Dec

Erbil Plast 16-19 December


PlexConcil is an Indian company is organizing Erbil International Exhibition for Plastic Industries & Technologies …

02 Dec


Art & Culture

Family Mall has been giving away thousands of valuable gifts on a daily basis from …