Month: August 2015

22 Aug

Physicians named Noor Laboratory as the most trusted lab on Doctors Street


The Noor Medical Laboratory was established in Erbil  on March 1, 2015, in Noor medical …

21 Aug

HACKAERBIL 28-29 August, 2015


The HackaErbil is here, taking place in 28 August at 10:00am and ends at 5:00pm in …

17 Aug

Coffee Time at Olive Inn in Tangram Hotel Erbil

Coffee Shops

Are you a coffee drinker? And looking for a good coffee in town? We have …

14 Aug

The Kurdish Cook Book is now available in Erbil!

Kurdish Food Recipes

The Kurdish Cook Book by Emel Sinjari, is now available in Erbil for only $32.00 …

06 Aug

Shadows of Kurds of West Photography Exhibition August 6, 2015

Art & Culture

A new photography exhibition taking place at the Shanidar Gallery in Erbil today, Thursday, August …