6 Photographers from Erbil are exhibiting at Shanidar Gallery 17-18 June

01 June of 2014 by

Gallawezh Center Erbil branch is organizing a photography exhibition for six photographers from Erbil, started the 17th June at 5:30pm and it’s going on till the 18th June 10:00pm, 2014 it’s took place at Neanderthal Hall in Shanidar Gallery at the Shanidar Park, Erbil. 
These are the 6 photographers: Sangar Arab, Kurdistan Zirar, Shvan Harki, Bokan, Saman Kamal and Muhammed Omar.
We would like to encourage visit Shanidar Park and be there for this event to support our photographers and take see Kurdistan from 6 different angles (Lenses).
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