American Bar Coffee

22 January of 2012 by

Far from the hustle and bustle of downtown Erbil (and in the arid summer months a precious degree or two cooler), the American Bar Coffee – located in the American village out on the scenic road to Massif – promises an authentic and relaxing US bistro/bar/café experience.


Indeed, whether it’s breakfast on the terrace at 8am or a relaxing venue for a get together with friends you’re looking for, the team at the American Bar Café is confident that you need look no further.


The menu promises a generous array of pizzas, Nespresso™ coffees, hamburgers, freshly baked cakes, subs, pasta dishes, Krombacher™ draft beer, a selection of bottled beers and a whole host of other treats with a distinctly American flavor.

If you don’t miss out on the fun, call today for a reservation (or delivery if you’re in the Khanzad/Masif area): 066-258-5382
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