Bilkent Symphony Orchestra concert on 28 May

24 May of 2012 by

We are pleased to announce that on May 28th the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra will be visiting our school again. Please make plans to join us for this enjoyable evening for adults and children over the age of 12.  The program will include Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto no 2 and Dvorak’s Symphony no 9. The conductor will be Isin Metin and the pianist will be Alexander Ghindin.

All parents wishing to attend may contact the school office to request an invitation. Distinguished guests from Bilkent in Ankara and special guests from Erbil have been invited as well. Other interested people may purchase a ticket from the school office.

We believe that the concert in the evening will be too long for children under the age of 12. Children under the age of 12 may not attend the concert. Children over the age of 12 may attend the concert if their parents have purchased a ticket for them. A special mini-concert for IDBEC students will be held in the afternoon, during school time.

Directions to the Campus from Erbil

The campus is located off the 100 metre road with the entrance being almost opposite to Jihan University. Turn right at the sign which reads Ihsan Dogramaci Bilkent Erbil College. Drive straight until the road dead ends and turn right. You will pass the French Lebanese University on your left. Enter the main gate and you will be facing the administration offices. Parking is readily available.


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