The capital of Kurdistan region experiencing record breaking in the price of the Iraqi paintings

07 September of 2012 by

Hassan Abdel-Hamid, one of the most prominent critics of Iraqis who write permanently in the field of Arabic art. In an article titled “Woodpecker” in number 331 of the newspaper “Future of Iraq” on 28 August 2012, Abdulhamid states – according to his information and follow-ups Academy – that the price of any Iraqi painting, and throughout the history of the Iraqi fine art movement, did not reach a higher price than “the snake and the fish” for the artist Farhad Pirbal, which was sold in Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan region of Iraq. In this way the Iraqi art achieved a new record in the history in the field of sale and acquisition of paintings.

The event is an achievement for the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq and the capital of the province, especially since they were able to be at the forefront in the field of art as well as compared with Baghdad and other parts of Iraq.


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