Art Auction on a Painting that tells a True Story of Yezidis Children

01 September of 2014 by

We are hosting an art auction for 10 days on one of Omar Khalaf’s paintings, bidding starts on Wednesday 10 September, 2014 at 6:00pm for only $400 USD, taking place at the Coffeeshop Company on the ground floor of Tablo Mall, Erbil. If you’re interested in bidding online, please let us know by sending an E-mail to or add a comment on Facebook page posts about this article, and the payment can be done through PayPal. 


This painting tells a true story of thousands of Yezidi girls and boys who were chased away from their homes and left to hunger, thirst and grieve of their loved one killed, kidnapped, converted by force to a different belief thousands of innocent kids are awaiting the return of their parents. —Omar Khalaf the Painter 

The purpose of this art auction is to support Omar Khalaf, who painted this piece and 50% of it goes to the Yezidi’s children as a charity to help them.

A big Thanks for Hawkar Group for being a part of this auction.


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