Ballet Bar at Hawler International Theatre Festival

06 October of 2013 by

balletbar2Within the framework of the Hawler International Theatre Festival and with the support of the Institut français in Erbil, the Company pyramid will present “Ballet Bar”

Around a desk, in a kind of New York jazz club mixes with hip hop rhythm, Pyramid dissects the intimate bond that they bind with the music, being both creators and performers of sounds.

Dances, acrobatics, mime around the sizzling sound of the phonograph and records, in a carefully staged, sharing humor and derision with an expression of alternating strength and lightness, softness and brutality, all hopelessly bound by the music.

This entertainment is coming to Erbil after a big success in France this year in the Festivald’Avignon.

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 at 4:00pm


Venue: Gal Hall, near the Erbil International Hotel, Erbil.balletbar1


The Erbil International Summer Festival 21-23 August


Issa Hassan Concert in Erbil 24 October

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