Art & Culture

11 Mar

Silence of the Words by Ava Nadir 12-16 March

Art & Culture

A new art exhibition taking place at the French Institute, Erbil by the Iraqi artist Avan …

28 Feb

A Bridge From The Past – Art Exhibition by Asuda Rwandzi 6-9 March

Art & Culture

March is one of the most important months for the Kurdish people and Kurdish culture, …

10 Apr

Solo Exhibition at Shanidar Gallery 12-18 April

Art & Culture

The Hawkar Group with Shanidar Art Expo are hosting a solo exhibition by the Kurdish …

02 Mar

Fiesta de Cuba 4-5 March

Art & Culture

Join the one of a lifetime event for LATIN DANCES LOVERS in Erbil on 4-5 …

17 Feb

Kurdistan Exhibition from 40 Kurdish Artists 21-29 February

Art & Culture

The Hawkar Group with Shanidar Art Expo are hosting a huge exhibition by 40 Kurdish …

06 Aug

Shadows of Kurds of West Photography Exhibition August 6, 2015

Art & Culture

A new photography exhibition taking place at the Shanidar Gallery in Erbil today, Thursday, August …

11 Jun

Parwaz Hussen Announcing #Unite4Heritage in a Concert 11 June

Art & Culture

The Kurdish star Parwaz Hussen with the support from UNESCO are hosting a one-hour free …

06 Jun

GALA Piano Concert in Erbil – June 8

Art & Culture

From the United States to Erbil The YES Academy is hosting a free admission concert …

20 Apr

Today is the Grand Opening of Centerpoint Store in Slemani

Art & Culture

Centrepoint Store Don’t miss the grand opening of Centerpoint in Slemani today! Malik Mahmoud Street, …

22 Mar

Reliving Kurdish Folk Music

Art & Culture

A group of Kurdish young musicians call themselves B.Music from Duhok, Kurdistan. They just released …

16 Mar

Duo Art Exhibition by NAMO & CLAIR 17-18 March

Art & Culture

Shanidar Art Expo with the support of HAWKAR GROUP Kurdish Art & Culture Bridge are …

01 Mar

A STATE OF LOST SOULS Photography Exhibition 5-7 March

Art & Culture

The Shanidar Art Expo is setting up a new 3-day exhibition for the Kurdish female photographer …

25 Feb

Frozen in Kurdistan 7 March

Art & Culture

The Fig Club is organizing an event by children of ages between 3-12 for children, …