Coffee Shops

17 Aug

Coffee Time at Olive Inn in Tangram Hotel Erbil

Coffee Shops

Are you a coffee drinker? And looking for a good coffee in town? We have …

27 May

Casper & Gambini’s Erbil

Coffee Shops

Casper & Gambini’s Erbil is a dynamic all day casual dining concept that features a …

02 Aug

Coffeeshop Company

Coffee Shops

The Coffeeshop Company is an Austrian Family Enterprise and has franchised until now 291 shops …

30 May

The Hallab Sweets is now in Erbil

Coffee Shops

The Hallab was established in 1881 in the city of Tripoli Lebanon three generations ago …

23 Feb

TCHE TCHE Cafe Erbil

Coffee Shops

One of Erbil’s newest cafes and already looking set to become one of its best, …

18 Oct


Coffee Shops

Saquella 1856 boasts a century-long history. Clemente Saquella was the first pioneer to start trading …

10 Feb

Costa Rica Café

Coffee Shops

With an unbeatable range of coffees, cakes, smoothies and sandwiches, Costa Rica on Gulan Street …

22 Jan

American Bar Coffee

Coffee Shops

Far from the hustle and bustle of downtown Erbil (and in the arid summer months …

21 Dec

Niaar Café

Coffee Shops

The secret of Niaar Café’s success is its fine Italian blend coffee. Whether you’re looking …

17 Oct

Colombia Café

Coffee Shops

Offering a wide range of exclusively imported coffee from – you guessed it – Colombia, …

25 Jul


Coffee Shops

Barista’s laid back atmosphere, friendly staff and a great range of quality coffees have made …