24 Apr

Erbil Citadel and Textile Museum


Dating back at least 6,000 years, Erbil citadel is the oldest continuously inhabited urban settlement …

02 Jan

Korek Mountain Resort


Korek Mountain Resort  is a tourist resort first of its kind in Kurdistan and Iraq, …

26 Mar

Minare Park and the Muzzafariya Minaret


Without a doubt the most architectural of Erbil’s green spaces, Minare Park, close to the …

29 Aug

Developing Tourism Skills Event 27 September


The American Corner Erbil is dedicating an event towards Tourism and Hospitality in 27 September …

21 Jun

UNESCO listed Erbil Citadel to the World Heritage Sites


Erbil Citadel has just been added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, we are …

12 Jun

Take a handmade item from Erbil


You might be visiting Erbil for tourism, work, or event, we recommend you to take …

08 Jun

Breathtaking views from Mazi Teleferik


A newly opened Mazi Teleferik in Bablo, Zawita road nearby Duhok city, about 170km from Erbil, …

22 Apr

Shanidar Park


The most popular urban destination for Erbil’s park-lovers, Shanidar Park is unlikely to offer any …

16 Apr

Shar Garden Square


Shar Garden Square is a recently constructed esplanade just below the citadel complete with fountains, …

12 Apr

Sami Abdul Rahman Park


The biggest and greenest of Erbil’s parks is undoubtedly Sami Abdu-Rahman. A favorite spot among …

05 Apr

Erbil Civilization Museum

Art & Culture

Did you know that Erbil has a Civilization Museum? Have you ever been there? Well, …

28 Mar

Erbil Zoo Opening in Summer 2014


So Erbil Zoo is expected to be opened in late July 2014, it’s located in …

23 Feb

The fortress of Banaman


It is located to the North of the city of Erbil near the village and …