Chili House – Erbil

16 October of 2011 by

Established in Jordan in 1985, the Chili House chain has proved a popular hit across the Middle East with fast food outlets in Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Bahrain.

Chili House Erbil upholds the group’s reputation for serving quality American-style burgers and grills with an Oriental twist that offer value for money.

Contemporary but unpretentious, this spacious restaurant with its accommodating terrace is a great place to while away an hour or two with friends or drop by for a fast-track meal amid a busy daytime schedule.

The staff is genuinely friendly and helpful, perhaps an illustration of the Chili House group’s pledge to forge “long-lasting relationships based on respect, support and trust”.

Attracted by the relaxed atmosphere and quality, freshly prepared fare, the team at Erbil Lifestyle spent many an evening this summer on the Chili House terrace cooking up plans and watching the world go by.

Give it a go; we think you won’t be disappointed.

Ainkawa Road, Bakhtiari,
Erbil, Iraq.

Phone: +964 750 389 0044
Chili House on Facebook


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Lebanese Fast Food

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