Circuit d’Exil an Art Installation at Institut Français – 12 May

10 May of 2014 by

The Institut Français organizes a special exhibition: « Circuit d’Exil ». It’s an art installation reflecting the journey of a Kurdish refugee girl, Cira Hamo.

Having lived a trajectory including breaks, periods of unrest and displacement due to conflicts in Kurdistan Iraq (1981–‐1990), questions related to the memory and multiple identities appeared to the artist very early as an important theme of research.

The first aim is to share an experience demonstrating the subjectivity of reality recorded by the individual and the precariousness and construction of memory through the sensorial register. Secondly, it is about showing the dominance of the world or “reverie” of childhood despite the violence in the context of Kurdistan Iraq during 1980’ and 1990’ or the difficult conditions of refugee camps.

Finally, the representation of resettlement and assimilation in Switzerland aims to suggest the linguistic and further the cultural chuc as Kurdish girl.

“Circuit of exile” refers to the steps that refugees pass through.

Sunday, May 11th at 5:30pm at the Institut Français in Erbil.


TEDxUKH May 10


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