Coffeeshop Company

02 August of 2014 by

The Coffeeshop Company is an Austrian Family Enterprise and has franchised until now 291 shops in more than 30 countries around the world. With coffeeshops in International Airports such as Vienna and Cairo and almost all continents it has rapidly placed itself among the fastest growing and most prestigious coffeeshop franchises around the world.
The usage of only 100% Arabica Coffee from own coffee-plantages and the fact that the company is manufacturing their own high end coffee machines and grinders are the receipt for best coffee experience no matter if you sit in a coffeeshop company franchise in Vienna, Moscow, Mexico City or Erbil.
Enjoy a taste of European coffee culture at a calm and open spaced Coffeeshop in Tablo Mall.
Our second Coffeeshop Company franchise in Iraq has opened in Mazi Mall in Dohuk 1st of May 2014.
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The Hallab Sweets is now in Erbil


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