Erbil Civilization Museum

05 April of 2014 by

Did you know that Erbil has a Civilization Museum? Have you ever been there? Well, it’s located at the Municipality Street, close to the Francoise Hareeri International Stadium. It is composed of the administration office, which has three galleries, and a store.

The museum contains more than 700 archeological pieces, found in different places and periods. The small number of pieces in the museum may be due to the past administrative systems of the directorates of archeological riches, which transported most of the important archeological pieces to Baghdad, to place them at the Iraqi Museum, the largest museum in the country.

The first gallery contains pieces from the Paleolithic age discovered in the caves of Shanidar and Hezar Merd, and ageing back to 45-60 thousand years B.C. And there are pieces going back to the last seven centuries B.C The second gallery contains archeological pieces from the Urartians and Hurrians (Khurrites) ages, the age of New Assyrians, the age of the Seleucids, Parthians, and other. The third gallery specified to the antique of the Islamic era.


Art Exhibition at French Institute 8 April


Education in USA Fair Erbil 11-12 April

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