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Over the past years, changes in Iraq and Middle east create massive interest and investment opportunities for the international business communities. Iraq and Iraqi governments provide different legislations to promote foreign investments. The ‘’increasing potential’’ of Iraqi markets give profitable and attractive opportunities to entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Iraq’s construction, agriculture, industry and manufacturing, communication also other related sectors create profitable necessity for machinery industry. To respond specified requirements, Pyramids Group Fair opens ‘’the investment gate’’ for investors with the 4th ErbilMachinex, International Machine, Machinery Equipment and Tools Exhibiton. This trade show could be a fabulous opportunity for international traders and initiates to meet buyers, suppliers and distributors in this expanding market.

Erbil International Fair Ground will be the meeting point for new business opportunities with investors, distributors, traders, government officials and the consumers. The exhibitors will take place with general machinery, machine tools, machinery for light and heavy industries, welding and gus cutting machines, construction machinery, agriculture machines etc. to extend their business according to progress of private sector.

The 5th Erbil Machinex event will show the Machinery Industry’s competitiveness and challenges with the reputation and the experience of foreign initiatives This event’s aim is to create incentives and reinforcing the entrepreneurs and manufacturers to enter into lucrative Iraqi market and also the engineers, investors, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, production managers and top managers will have the opportunity to discuss every details, innovations and expectations on the machinery industry.


4th Erbil Oil & Gas International Exhibition 22-25 April


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