Erbil Zoo Opening in Summer 2014

28 March of 2014 by

So Erbil Zoo is expected to be opened in late July 2014, it’s located in the east of the city with five thousand square meters, all the animals will be transferred to the new Zoo once the construction is done, in additional to that, there will be new animals at the new zoo.

There was an old zoo in Erbil called Gelkand Park, in which it has been opened for the last ten years, but it was not situated in the best conditions and that’s why we have never heard of a Zoo in Erbil.

The new zoo is very suitable for animals because it is quite spacious. The animals that have been living in bad conditions in Gelkand Park will be all transformed into this new Zoo Park.

Said by Nazar Omer, the Director of Erbil Parks – Bas News.


The fortress of Banaman


Erbil Civilization Museum

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