Family Mall

26 March of 2014 by

One of the city’s newest and biggest shopping malls is Family Mall, conveniently situated on Erbil’s 100 Meter Street next to the Family Fun amusement park.

Alongside a wide selection of International shops and boutiques including brands such as Donna Karan, Swatch, Levis and Blackberry, Family Mall boasts its own department store and Erbil’s first international supermarket – Carrefour.

Having been developed by the same group that constructed the neighboring amusement park, it comes as no surprise that the mall also boasts a full-size skating rink and Erbil’s first state-of-the-art multi-screen cinema complex (currently under construction). As its name suggests, Family Mall is a great destination for all the family – there really is something for everybody.

As well as some great little cafes and restaurants spread throughout the mall, the vast second-floor food court offers an appetizing selection of Turkish, Lebanese and Western-style fast food outlets in an airy and modern dining mezzanine overlooking the park.

Since the mall first opened its doors to the public in 2011, it has attracted an endless stream of visitors from across Iraq and quickly become one of the most popular destinations for local families. Afternoons in the mall are perfect for those of you who like to shop at a leisurely pace, but if it’s a bit of a buzz you’re after, the mall can become very busy during the evenings, particularly at weekends.


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