Gali Ali Bag waterfalls

19 December of 2011 by

Hailed as the highest waterfall in the Middle East, Gali Ali Bag, a dusty but beautiful three-hour drive from Erbil, is a mountain resort located on the intersection of two mountain ranges – the Korek chain in the north and the Bradost chain in the west – and two rivers, the Rawandoz Sidakan and the Khalifan.

The breathtaking scenery around the waterfalls has long since assured the site’s popularity as a picnic spot, and the resort today – complete with a waterside souk and its host of terrace cafes and eateries – offers a warm, authentic welcome.

During the long summer months, tourists from all over Iraq can be found in these popular waterfalls – famous for their outstanding natural beauty. The dramatic mountain scenery in the second half of the three-hour drive makes the excursion well worth the effort and one of Erbil Lifestyle’s favorite day trip destinations..




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