Hawler Festival – Day 10

19 March of 2014 by

Finally the Tenth day is coming, the last but not the least day of Hawler Festival, the activities will start with the Erbil Girls Group Show, and then there will be aerobatic air shows, followed by the National Anthem (Ay Raqib), afterwards Governorate will have a speech.

Guess what, since tomorrow is the 20th of March, they will set the fire and start with Newroz Shows, followed by aerobatics air shows for the second time. Our popular Kurdish young singer Haval Ibrahim to perform and show us his best songs to entertain us will follow this.

Not only this, but Shahriban is going to sing as well, we’ll have a break with singing and we’ll watch the nicest Fireworks for Newroz and the ending of the Hawler Festival during this time.

The Festival will end by great songs from our Kurdish singer Bakhtiyar Salih, you’ll have to jump and dance to his songs. We wish that you all enjoyed 2014’s festival.

Don’t forget all these activities are taking place at Shanadar Park, Erbil. And we are looking forward to seeing your stories and photos on our Facebook page.


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Li Dine Performance at UKH

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