Hawler Festival – Day 7

16 March of 2014 by

We are still at our promise of posting daily activities of Hawler Festival 2014, we hope that you have enjoyed the past six days with all the concerts, shows and surprises so far, on the seventh day of Hawler Festival, which is on the 17th of March, 2014 there will be a theatre play by the Kurdistan Artists Syndicate at Media Hall for three days in a row, meanwhile at Shanadar Park there will be a concert with the Erbil College of Fine Arts, Salahaddin University, followed by the Erbil Institute of Fine Arts concert.

The most exciting part of seventh day activity is that the popular Turkish pop music singer Ebru Yashar, she’ll entertain us with her best songs and we hope that you’ll enjoy it.

Don’t forget only a few days has left for Hawler Festival, so if you were not able to make it in the previous days, we highly recommend you to mark your calendar and go to Shanadar Park tomorrow afternoon to be a part of this wonderful festival. Also share your photos and experiences on our Facebook page.


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