Hip Hop for Kids

11 March of 2014 by

Hip Hop includes many styles of old and new urban dances, which found their origins in the United States during 1970s. Hip Hop dance is very dynamic and improvisational in nature, with jumps, breakages and rotations in the movements. Hip Hop dancing is good for channeling kids’ energy and for challenging them. These are the first Hip Hop classes in Erbil that have opened for Kids!


The Benefits for Children:

  1. Discover their body and its possibilities: flexibility & body balance
  2. Develop motor skills: coordinate muscles
  3. Learn sense of rhythm: hitting the moves on the beat
  4. Improve creativity: combinations & declination are unlimited in Hip Hop.


The Teacher:

Hichem is a French dancer who learnt Hip Hop in the 1990’s.  For 4 years he traveled the North East of France with a group performing in many Hip Hop shows and events. His experience with children is vast as each summer holiday he would teach children and teenagers Hip hop Lessons and therefore received  a “BAFA” certificate (Brevet d’Aptitude a la Fonction d’Animateur).

The Classes will be held between 12-1 and 1-2 on Saturdays for children from 5-12 years of age.

Rules for Hip Hop class:

Kids must bring clean sport shoes without black soles to wear inside the studio; they must not come from outside already dressed.
Kids have to dress in sport wear for Hip Hop
Children are not to wear any jewelry.
If the child wants to practice at home, it must be done under parents supervision.


For registration and more details visit www.thefigclub.com


Hawler Festival – Day 2


Hawler Festival – Day 3

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