Housing in Erbil

29 March of 2012 by

The housing options range from stand alone villas to gated high rise flat communities to standard row villa living. Costs for an acceptable 100m2 flat in the city proper start at around 600 USD a month and you can even find a low end villa for about 1200 USD per month. There are also properties for sale and many under construction which will soon be on the market. Expat gated/secured housing in high rise/stand-alone villas ranging from 2000 – 3000 USD per month.
Overall, deposits vary from 1 month to 1 year, but are negotiable in most cases. Also, these housing communities are full of offices as companies consolidate costs by living and working in the same space.
Leasing is done through lawyers or real estate brokers. The lawyer/broker for each party will draft an original contract out of the two side’s desires. Once the contract is agreeable to both, it is taken to the appropriate Ministries to be stamped. Once the agreement is signed and stamped, it cannot be changed by either party.
There is a good chance that in the coming year or two there will be a housing glut. There are so many living accommodations being built that barring an enormous international immigration trend, the supply will far outweigh the demand for rentals.
Temp living is limited to hotels; there are no adequate specialty temporary living accommodations that have been built to date.


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