Iraqi Touch Restaurant

05 November of 2011 by

One of Erbil’s newest arrivals on the dining scene is Iraqi Touch whose management team promises an “extraordinary and unique casual food experience”.

The restaurant’s upbeat, monochrome interior and friendly staff provide an elegant yet laid back setting in which to tantalize the senses with some of the best Iraqi food on offer in the Kurdistan capital.

Iraqi Touch is all about food – traditional Iraqi food at its best.

Using fresh, locally-grown produce and a classical array of Oriental spices and herbs, the chefs at Iraqi Touch serve a plethora of traditional mouth-watering delights with a contemporary twist.

If you are curious to experience the rich, but all too often sidelined culinary heritage of this ancient country, you can do no better in Erbil Lifestyle’s mind than to make your way down to this wonderful little eatery that is already stirring up a buzz among Erbil’s foodies.

A “unique casual food experience” indeed.

Family Mall, 100m Road, Erbil, IRAQ
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