KFC Opened at Family Mall Erbil

22 January of 2015 by

KFC just opened their doors at Family Mall Erbil for the first time in Kurdistan and Iraq, along with Hardee’s.

International franchises are starting to open in Kurdistan rapidly, after the opening of Pizza Hut at Majidi Mall in Erbil for the first time in Kurdistan region and Iraq, now it’s time to have Kentucky Fried Chicken which is more known as KFC opened tonight the 17th February 2015, at Family Mall Erbil, and this will be followed by another branch in Majidi Mall and more branches around Erbil, so stay tuned with us to be aware of all KFC branches very soon!

KFC Opened



Erbil is open for any business and welcomes international brands to have their branches to merchandise their products in different fields.




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