Kids Activities in Erbil

29 March of 2012 by

Erbil has many activities for young children and can be a great place for kids and their parents to have fun. A favorite amongst the expat community is the Family Fun Amusement Park, located behind the popular Family Mall. There are also many other activities, such as bowling, go karts, mini golf, a 5D cinema, ice skating and exploring the ancient Citadel, just to name a few.
For kids in middle school and high school, there is always the opportunity to hang out in the malls. As of right now, there is no cinema, but this will change. As the city of Erbil grows and development continues, there will be more and more things for kids and adults to do alike.
Kurdish companies are slowly starting to put their websites online, but as of now, none exist for kids activities. When they come online the Expat Eye will add to this page accordingly.


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