Kurdistan International Tourism Conference

03 August of 2013 by

Conferences and EXPO. Serve as a vital pattern of tourism. Having a favorable geographical location and enjoying a nice climate conditions, Kurdistan can be a promising location for hosting international economics, tourism, medical, cultural and other professional events.

Nowadays, tourism is the most rapidly developing industry worldwide. It has thus become one of the most significant international trading sectors. From the economic perspective, tourism plays a vital role in boosting the national income, improving the balance of payments, providing an invaluable source of hard currency for the country and employment opportunities and a bridge for attaining development targets. From a social and cultural perspective, tourism is a dynamic activity linked to the cultural aspect. In other words, it serves as a cultural message, a bridge of communication and a means of introduction and interaction amongst different nations and peoples. Its eventual outcome is communities’ development and better standard of living for individuals.

From the environmental aspect, tourism helps tourists to satisfy their instinct to see new places, visit fresh sceneries and historical sites, intermingle with new communities and get acquainted with their culture, customs and traditions. For many countries, tourism industry has become the development locomotive and the sole prospect  to overcome their economic crises. Being aware of the importance of this sector, Kurdistan Regional Government has opened the Region’s doors wide open for motivated investors particularly in the tourism sector. For that purpose, a specific investment law has been enacted for the Region. Any local, Arab or international company may seize the opportunity to realize its investment ambitions in this magnificent tourism spot in the world. Lately, Kurdistan has witnessed significant progress in the area of tourism industry.

This has particularly been noticeable during 2013. Several qualitative local and international tourism hotels, restaurants and compounds have been established. In the same direction, the existing tourism facilities and archeological sites have been refurbished.

We as Erbil Lifestyle team are proudly sponsoring this event which will take place at Erbil Rotanal Hotel in 15-18 November 2013. Keep in touch with our Facebook page to be up-to-date about this event.


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