The Kurdish Cookbook Arrived

25 May of 2015 by

Yes, finally we are glad to announce about the Kurdish Cookbook written by Emel Sinjari who spent over five years working on her book and by collecting 442 recipes from all over Kurdistan not only in the Iraqi Kurdistan but also from other parts of the Great Kurdistan in Turkey, Iran and Syria.

Erbil Lifestyle met with the writer and during our interview with her she said,

I’m honored to be able to print and publish my book in Kurdistan and all over the world in three languages, English, Kurdish and Arabic, I got all the right recipes and cooked them and then I photographed all of them, in order to put standards on Kurdish recipes from breakfast to dinner meals. —Emel Sinjari 

The English version of the Kurdish Cookbook is printed and published in the market in Erbil, Kurdistan and it will be disturbed in other cities soon. 

In addition to that Emel Sinjari told us that they are working on the online version of the book which will be developed as an eBook so that everyone can purchase it online from Apple and Android via their website.

Stay tuned with Erbil Lifestyle to hear more from the Kurdish Cook Book. Alternatively visit to read more about the book and the author. 


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