Lebanese Fast Food

22 October of 2011 by

What could be more appetizing for both the eye and the palette than a table spread with freshly prepared Lebanese Mezze?

If you find you need to conjure up a delicious spread at a moment’s notice, Erbil Lifestyle recommends that you make your way down to the Lebanese Fast Food, newly opened on Ainkawa’s Mountzah Street (opposite the Post Office).

LFF’s fast, efficient service and a plethora of mouth-watering Lebanese dishes will ensure the delight of your unexpected guests.

Lebanese Fast Food is also a great place to go when you need to pick up a tasty and balanced meal in a hurry and of course there is a small, unpretentious restaurant if you feel like eating in.

It may be a newcomer to the Erbil culinary scene, but the rave reviews we’ve received so far leave us with no doubt that the success of this small, family-run business will grow and grow.


Chili House – Erbil


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