Medical Care in Erbil

29 March of 2012 by

There are plenty of private and public hospitals with two very large, modern public hospitals that include all of the amenities: emergency, dentistry, outpatient, surgery and expat testing. There is a Western medical facility called Soran Hospital located in the English Village, which only accepts contracts from companies. Approximate cost is 7,000 USD per month per person. Medical facilities are clean and set up is similar to the American standard. Most staff are foreign trained.
Please note: As Erbil continues to develop so will its use of the internet. Unfortunately, most clinics do not have their websites online. We will add them when they are launched accordingly.
Welfare Hospital
Rizgary Hospital
Arbil Hospital
Emergency Hospital
Raparin Hospital
Paediatric Hospital
Shaqlawa Hospital
Shaheed Mulazim Kareem Hospital Hospital
Hareer Hospital
Soran Hospital
Rawanduz Hospital
Choman Hospital
Mergasoor Hospital
Sardam Private Hospital
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