Minare Park and the Muzzafariya Minaret

26 March of 2018 by

Without a doubt the most architectural of Erbil’s green spaces, Minare Park, close to the city center, offers up an eclectic fare of circular terraces, Etruscan columns and cascading fountains.

Lit up like an urban wonderland on summer evenings, the park is a popular destination for the city’s youth and young families taking in the cool evening air.

Well-planted walkways and shaded groves provide a romantic back-drop for promenading couples and a raised terrace cafe offers narguille (hookah pipes) and welcome refreshments.

Tucked away in a quiet corner of the park is the 13th century minaret from which the park takes its name. Built during the reign of Muzzaffar al-Din Kokbari (brother-in-law to the crusader-battling Saladin), the ornate brick minaret is all that remains of the city’s medieval growth beyond the confines of the raised citadel.

A short walk or taxi ride from the bustling Bazaar, Minare Park offers a peaceful retreat in the heart of the city and an opportunity to escape from the madding crowds.


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