Erbil International Marathon 19 Oct 2012

13 October of 2012 by

Erbil Marathon is an international sporting event in order to establish love, peace and non-violence in Iraq, and to inform the world that there is a strong community of leaders of civil society in Iraq who are committed to peace and nonviolence and justice for their country and that are supported by a wide range of international partners.

Erbil International marathon for peace and development will not only host the professional runners, but also sports fans, whether they are individuals or families or people with special needs from both sexes, where they can participate individually or in groups representing non-governmental organizations, government ministries, and youth clubs and student trade unions or any other informal groups, to compete in one of the following races (2 km, 10 km, full marathon 42.194 km) where many prizes will be awarded to the winners.

If you are around and you want to involve one of international marathons Register now.



2012 VIVA Cup to be held in Erbil


3rd Erbil International Marathon

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