What to do in Erbil

29 March of 2012 by

The city is developing its entertainment sector. There are some restaurants with playgrounds, a few coffee shops and some cafes with outdoor seating. A newer feature is a huge multi-course outdoor go cart track, a bowling alley and Aqua Park. The swim area is segregated by gender. In order to swim with your family you must build or go to a private pool.
The introduction of new 5 star hotels are providing expats the opportunity of finer dining and western facilities such as gyms. Restaurants from all cuisines are developing in the city with a sushi bar having just opened.
In town the Heveen Sports Center features a football pitch and many other sporting amenities. A number of gyms are available, but they are gender segregated.
Kurdish companies are slowly starting to put their websites online, but as of now, none exist for activities around the city. When they come online the Expat Eye will add to this page accordingly.


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