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The shopping development within Erbil has increased significantly over the last few years. There are many malls in the city, but they are not what one might find in Europe or the U.S. The malls are more like a hypermarket (for example, Tesco) divided into a series of smaller, specialized shops. The facilities are clean and acceptable. Designer brands are becoming more readily available in stores like Levis, Adidas, Nike and Mont Blank opening.
Currently there are two main shopping malls found in the city. The Majidi Mall and the Family Mall, which also has the recently opened Carrefour inside it, both offer a variety of places in which to shop.
Grocery stores have a decent selection of name brand products along with local items. There are numerous shops throughout town as well, but shopping in town requires multiple stops as opposed to the one-stop shopping available in the malls.
Shopping Centers
Majidi Mall
Opened in 2009, Majidi Mall offers its visitors an optimal shopping experience with 67 shops on over 3 floors with a 2000-car capacity parking lot.
Family Mall
Family Mall is one of the largest malls in the Kurdish region, and has a variety of activities for kids and a favorite for parents.
Located within Family Mall, Carrefour will handle all your food shopping needs.



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