Hawler Festivals – Day 1

10 March of 2014 by

As we promised you to cover the 8th Hawler Festival this year, day by day, here’s the first day activities which is on the 11th of March, 2014 at Shanidar Park. The activities will start at 3:30pm the Opening weekly Bazaar, then at 4:00pm staring of the Party and the daytime fireworks, afterwards there will be aerobatic aircrafts shows, followed by the national anthem (Ay Raqib) then there will be a committee speech, followed by (Dami Raparin) song.

Then the Kurdish traditional dance shows will start from Hawler National Arts Group, for the second time the aerobatic aircrafts shows will begin and show us different beautiful shows, later on the Group Carnivals, you won’t be bored guess why, because there will be singing and it will start by Arab Othman and Ayad Hussain, for the third time the aerobatic aircrafts will have another show, and the celebration of first day will by ended by amazing songs from our Kurdish singers Berdan Mardini and Kamaran Salih.

Keep in touch with us for tomorrow’s program.


Hawler Festival 11-20 March


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