Parwaz Hussen Announcing #Unite4Heritage in a Concert 11 June

11 June of 2015 by

The Kurdish star Parwaz Hussen with the support from UNESCO are hosting a one-hour free of charge concert took place in Thursday, 11 June, 2015 from 6:00pm to 7:00pm in the heart of Erbil city inside the Shar Park opposite the main gate of Erbil Citadel.

The concert is under the UNICO’s campaign Unite for Heritage, using the hashtag #Unite4Heritage.

Erbil Lifestyle just had an exclusive interview with Goran Salih the well-known Kurdish singer, who happens to be the husband and manager of Parwaz, he said,

The concert is clear from its title, Parwaz is starting to hashtag #Unite4Heritage by her cellphone from her official social media channels, the hashtag will be branded in huge balloons and rise from the Park to start the concert. The audience will also be aware about the hashtag campaign, watching from the large screen. The propose of this concert is to unite all the cultures together in Kurdistan region.

We recommend you to take your families and friends and be a part of this concert.

No tickets needed, just make sure you show up before 6:00pm at the Shar Park in downtown Erbil.


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