Pets in Erbil

29 March of 2012 by

Having a pet in Iraq is a little different than it might be from where you’re coming from. A common sight in any Western city or neighborhood are a number of dogs and their owners walking up and down the street. In Erbil (and most of the Middle East), you will rarely see something like this. If you do choose to take your dog or pet to Erbil, you might get weary or menacing looks from your neighbors. It is not considered normal to have a dog, and local residents might be afraid of your animal, however sweet he or she is. In the past couple years, expats living in Erbil have noted that this attitude is slowly changing, and local residents are starting to get used to you walking your dog. As time goes on, these feelings will grow and you’ll no longer get those strange looks while walking your pooch.
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