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03 February of 2014 by

The team at Erbil Lifestyle is always quick to support great new ideas and the newly established PNK Taxi service is no exception.

Providing the region’s first ever fully-integrated, English-speaking, female taxi service, PNK is committed to assuring the security, comfort and convenience of its clientele. Continual customer feedback and market research, coupled with this commitment, provide the company with the punch to tailor its services to its clients’ needs, in the words of the team at PNK, “one taxi ride at a time”.

PNK’s professional crew of English-speaking, female drivers – equipped with state-of–the-art navigation systems, velocity regulators and tracking and metering devices – provide a friendly and safe taxi service, geared towards women in Erbil’s growing ex-pat community.

Does this sound like a great idea to you? Well, don’t take our word for it, give them a call the next time you’re in need of a taxi and check them out for yourselves.

+964 (0)750 6 33 77 00


Institute of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Erbil


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