Project Iraq Erbil 5-8 October 2015

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Organized by International Fairs & Promotions (IFP) Iraq, Project Iraq – Erbil 2015, the 9th International Trade Exhibition for Construction Materials and Equipment and Environmental Technology, will be taking place at the Erbil International Fair Ground, Kurdistan Region, from 5 to 8 October 2015, under the auspices of Ministry of Construction and Housing.

Since its inception in 2007, Project Iraq has been acting as a business gateway for construction companies to Kurdistan, firmly establishing itself as the focal point for the Region’s growing and diversifying construction market.

Capitalizing on its established reputation as Iraq’s most large-scaled exhibition of its kind, the show will once again this year gather a cluster of regional and international companies representing the cutting-edge set of exhibitors, and ensuring them a meeting place with government officials, key decision-makers and project managers, along with thousands of businesspeople, to offer them a comprehensive set of solutions covering all aspects of the construction industry.

In order to cover the entire spectrum of the construction industry, Project Iraq – Erbil 2015 will be held concurrently with Energy Iraq – Erbil 2015; the 5th International Trade Exhibition for Electricity, Power Generation, Lighting, Water Technology, dedicated to providing the latest energy and water technology, products and solutions across the construction and infrastructure sectors.

“Project Iraq” is a part of several specialized events in the construction series organized by International Fairs and Promotions in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iraq and Iran, being among the most prominent trade-specific events in the Middle East region. The Iraqi exhibition in this series is quite the success story, as evidenced by increased international participation year after year and the presence of all local companies – almost without exception – working in the construction and development sector.

The exhibition owes this huge participation rate to its success in widely opening the gates of opportunity for regional and international companies to penetrate the promising Iraqi construction and development market, especially in light of positive figures and projections issued by the Iraqi government or published by international economic bodies.

Iraq’s reconstruction has created a huge demand for construction expertise and capital. The real estate development, construction, and building material industries are all ripe for investment. The large number of construction projects in industrial sectors and infrastructure will require vast amounts of building materials, design capacity, and construction expertise. Opportunities are available across all geographic areas and the already high demand will continue to grow.

The construction sector in the Kurdistan Region is a highly attractive one, with an immense room for further investment. The signs that the sector is on the right track are evident, with numerous large-scale, highly successful projects either under construction or already completed. Since the creation of the Board of Investment in 2006, nearly USD 30.5 billion of investment flowed into the Kurdistan Region, with a significant majority destined for the construction sector. During this period, 166 projects were licensed for a total value of USD 13.7 billion, accounting for approximately 65% of all investment capital. This rapid expansion of the sector across the entire Region energized the market, provided job opportunities, and allowed for further development of the commercial sector.

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