Shanidar Cave

05 February of 2014 by

Shanidar Cave goes back to over 60 thousand years from now, It is one of the most important and internationally famous archeological sites in Kurdistan, as numerous archeologists wrote about it. It is situated on the Bradost mountain, 2, 500 high over the sea level. It is considered among the widest caves in Iraq, as its opening is 82 feet wide and 26 feet high. It has a triangular shape, widening of the inside to 175 feet.

The investigations have shown that the floor of the cave contains accumulated layers of remains, indicating that Man has lived in it for several successive generations. It is among the oldest human settlements dating back to the roles of the Old stone Age, Known as the (role Mestiri), before (50-70) thousand years ago, Alangnishi role and beginning before (30) thousand years ago. It also contains tools from the Poeolithic (12 thousand years ago) and the Neolithic (10 thousand years back). Seven skeletons of Neanderthal man were found in the Shanidar Cave, and some human skeletons of Homosaoiens from Neolithic ages were also found in the upper floors.


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