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A famous resort in Iraqi Kurdistan, situated to the north verdant of sefin Mountain, 966m high from the sea level. It has been visited by tourists since old times because it is a touristic city par excellence and a large part of its citizens make their living from the sector of tourism.

It is 51km from Erbil, and the road between them is in good state. It is temperature in summer reaches 30-35C and 10C below in winter. It is rich in trees and gardens. They sell a lot of local products and crops, namely, the fruits that grow in Shaqlawa’s gardens and the neighboring grow regions. It is a typical resort in terms of availability of touristy places and various services; it is probably the ideal tourism city in all Iraq.

Restaurants, hotels, casinos, motels, and resorts are numerous in Shaqlawa.


Gali Ali Bag waterfalls



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