Shopping in Erbil

25 March of 2013 by

With several major malls already open and many more under construction, as well as numerous thriving commercial centres, Erbil has fast become a shopping paradise that attracts visitors from all over Iraq.

The Spanish chain Mango was one of the first international fashion brands to open a store in Erbil in recent years, emboldened by the high levels of security in the region and its prospering economy. After following closely Mango’s successful entry into an otherwise unexplored market, other global names such as Levis, Nike, Benetton, Donna Karan and Adidas were quick to follow suit.

As in all other aspects of Erbil life, tradition and modernity, both play an important role in the city’s commercial landscape. In the central Qaysari Bazaar for example – first established in the 13th century AD and located just below the citadel – you can stock up on a myriad of traditional local products such as honey, yoghurt, goat’s cheese and spices, as well as an enormous range of imported household products, fashion accessories and electronic goods.

In the city’s many malls and shopping districts, pretty much anything under the sun can be found if you know where to start your search. From the humblest household sundry to some of the most lavish luxuries the Middle East has to offer, Erbil is likely to have exactly what you’re looking for.

Erbil Lifestyle is dedicated to offering you an online shopping guide to help you make the most of this burgeoning city and its commercial possibilities. Watch this space


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