Hala Erbil Shopping Festival

08 June of 2012 by

The first shopping and tourist festival in the Kurdish district was founded and created by SNR, under the supervision of the General Board of Tourism in Kurdistan, to put Erbil on the international festivals’ map and to enhance the nomination Erbil as the capital of Arab tourism 2014-2015.

Adviser to the Iraqi ministry Baha al-Mayyah said: “The nomination of Erbil for the Arab Tourism Capital 2014-2015 was welcomed by the representatives of all the Arab states participating in the meeting.

“We’re optimistic that Erbil can win the competition as it deserves the title as a result of huge developments in recent years”

Erbil presenting power, faith and fantasy in the Middle East will sparkle to attract the attention and interest of the whole world, especially its neighboring peoples between June 8 and July 8, 2012 which will be and become the first festival to gather families, friends and tourists from all over the world.

This massive organization will be revealing all the lively colors of Erbil through joyous occasions, history, delight and entertainment.

The Kurdistan Shopping Festival will be hosting thousands of visitors from all around the world. Aside from the opening and closing events, there will be daily entertainment in Majidi Mall in Erbil with programs and prizes in addition to the first International Beauty Pageant ever in Erbil; Miss Kurdistan.

For tourists the excitement is doubled as they will have privilege winning shopping coupons, hence making Erbil more and more appealing. Don’t forget to follow the event schedule for special opportunities and entertaining activities with Live Coverage on Kurdistan TV.

SNR as the Organizer of this remarkable event hopes that the festival will grow in size to attract tourist to Erbil annually over the next 10 years, helping the government hit its target of millions of tourists a year.

Shopping Festival will take place in Majidi Mall, which is 12km away from airport. All performances start at 6:30pm sharp

Miss Kurdistan will take place at the Erbil Rotana Hotel on the 28th of June 9:00pm
Free Concert will take place in the Shanidar Park on the 6th of July, 2012 featuring international and local singers and dancing teams.




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