A STATE OF LOST SOULS Photography Exhibition 5-7 March

01 March of 2015 by

The Shanidar Art Expo is setting up a new 3-day exhibition for the Kurdish female photographer Marwa Sarkawt on 5-7 March 2015 at the Shanidar gallery located in Shanidar Park, Erbil at 10:00am, the exhibition deals with results of refugees in the region, the photographer Marwa asks the some questions through this exhibition and let’s figure out if we can find the answers in her photography.

If the faces of these living souls utter words without tongue, what could their inwardness articulate? What an endless epic it would be! —Marwa Sarkawt



Frozen in Kurdistan 7 March


Duo Art Exhibition by NAMO & CLAIR 17-18 March

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